Tips for investing in bonds?

Tips for investing in bonds?

A bond is a debt instrument used for raising capital. They are essential loan agreements between the bond issuer and an investor, in which the bond issuer is obligated to pay a specified amount of money at specified future dates. When an investor purchases a bond, they are “loaning” that money to the bond issuer, which is usually raising money for some project. At the time of maturity, the issuer repays the principal to the investor. The investor receives regular interest payments from the issuer until the bond matures.

Don’t reach for yield

The biggest mistake bond investors make is reaching for yield. This happens when interest rates are low or have recently declined, or when investors feel they are not earning a rate of return they feel they need. Don’t be tempted by higher yields offered by bonds with lower credit qualities, or focus only on gains that resulted during the prior period. Yield is one of the major factors an investor should consider when buying a bond. And never forget with higher yield comes higher risk.


Make sure to set investment goals. Is your goal to live comfortably in retirement? How comfortable? Lay out all your goals precisely. Plan for 2020 and get medicare supplement rates

Analysis of your risk

Before investing always know the risk you are taking. Different bonds carry different risks. Write them down so that you can have a clear view.

Read the prospectus

Ask your broker for a copy of the prospectus. Read it carefully. Always look at the legal document that contains the agreement between the buyer and the seller.

Cost of buying and selling the bond

Always ask about the compensation for transactions including commissions, markups and markdowns that the brokerage firm and the broker will receive.

Reinvest your coupons

Always make a coupon account before receiving coupon so that you have a place to save money and you are not tempted to spend it. The bond fund does this work for you making your work easier. Always stick to the investment strategies in order to achieve your goals and objectives.  Avoid speculating on interest rates.


Government entities and corporation raise money by issuing bonds. Senior citizens can make use of this to raise some money to live a comfortable life in the rest of the year. As a buyer, they can buy individual bonds or exchange-traded fund or a bond mutual fund.