Ultimate senior guide on investing in mutual funds

Ultimate senior guide on investing in mutual funds

Mutual funds are considered as a safe way of investing for returns. Mutual funds are companies that collect money from investors and invest the money in stocks, bond and short-term debt. Investors buy shares as mutual funds from the company. In order to achieve success in investing in mutual funds, one must always do some researching and choose the best funds, building a solid and trustworthy portfolio.

Risk tolerance

Before investing or choosing a mutual fund it is important to know the risk you are taking. Risk tolerance is the measure of the level of fluctuation i.e., ups and downs. If you are experienced and have been investing for years then you can have an aggressive approach to investing in high-risk funds. For people above 65 years of age, it is recommended to go for low-risk schemes. They should pay greater emphasis on safety and income over growth.

Asset allocation

After determining the risk factors, you must consider asset allocation i.e., the mix of investment assets like stock, bonds and cash. Asset allocation determines the level of risk tolerance: high tolerance of risk (aggressive), medium risk tolerance (moderate) and low-risk tolerance (conservative).

Choosing the best bunds

Mutual fund research can be made easier with a good online tool. No-load funds are the best choice for investors. You must choose the best mutual funds as per your investment goals. Always consider the important qualities of mutual funds like fund fees and expenses and manager tenure.

Building your portfolio

Many different strategies, designs, tools and building materials can be used to make a good portfolio. A strong portfolio is made in a smart design that withstand the test of time. A strong portfolio with a simple combination of mutual funds works well for your needs.

Mutual Fund Taxation

A piece of basic knowledge of mutual fund taxation enables an increase in your overall investment returns. Taxes can be avoided and minimized in mutual fund investing. Before investing you should look to 2020 at https://www.medisupps.com/medicare-supplement-plans-2020/must have the knowledge on how to reduce taxes on mutual funds and which types of funds are best for taxable accounts.


Mutual funds are subjected to market risk so you have to read or go through all the schemes related data carefully. Mutual funds are safe but any company cannot assure you complete security of your money. However, it depends on how you invest it.

Tips for investing in bonds?

Tips for investing in bonds?

A bond is a debt instrument used for raising capital. They are essential loan agreements between the bond issuer and an investor, in which the bond issuer is obligated to pay a specified amount of money at specified future dates. When an investor purchases a bond, they are “loaning” that money to the bond issuer, which is usually raising money for some project. At the time of maturity, the issuer repays the principal to the investor. The investor receives regular interest payments from the issuer until the bond matures.

Don’t reach for yield

The biggest mistake bond investors make is reaching for yield. This happens when interest rates are low or have recently declined, or when investors feel they are not earning a rate of return they feel they need. Don’t be tempted by higher yields offered by bonds with lower credit qualities, or focus only on gains that resulted during the prior period. Yield is one of the major factors an investor should consider when buying a bond. And never forget with higher yield comes higher risk.


Make sure to set investment goals. Is your goal to live comfortably in retirement? How comfortable? Lay out all your goals precisely. Plan for 2020 and get medicare supplement rates https://www.medicaresupplementplans2020.com/

Analysis of your risk

Before investing always know the risk you are taking. Different bonds carry different risks. Write them down so that you can have a clear view.

Read the prospectus

Ask your broker for a copy of the prospectus. Read it carefully. Always look at the legal document that contains the agreement between the buyer and the seller.

Cost of buying and selling the bond

Always ask about the compensation for transactions including commissions, markups and markdowns that the brokerage firm and the broker will receive.

Reinvest your coupons

Always make a coupon account before receiving coupon so that you have a place to save money and you are not tempted to spend it. The bond fund does this work for you making your work easier. Always stick to the investment strategies in order to achieve your goals and objectives.  Avoid speculating on interest rates.


Government entities and corporation raise money by issuing bonds. Senior citizens can make use of this to raise some money to live a comfortable life in the rest of the year. As a buyer, they can buy individual bonds or exchange-traded fund or a bond mutual fund.

Benefits of investing in cash for senior citizens

Benefits of investing in cash for senior citizens

Basically, there are 3 types of investment i.e., stocks, bond and cash. Cash investments offer the lowest potential returns of all the investment types. It is also the lowest risk investments and is used for short term goals. Returns from cash investments come in the form of regular interest rates through bank accounts, savings accounts and fixed deposits. These investments are considered a defensive asset that helps in reducing the volatility of your portfolio. Some investors basically senior people think cash investment is for unexpected expenses.

Which is better: Fixed deposit or debt funds

Senior citizens are advised to consider debt mutual funds instead of fixed deposits as they are considered more remunerative and tax efficient. Liquid and short-term debt funds are offering an average of 6.7 – 608 % per annum while fixed deposits with the same tenure offer 6.9 – 7.4 %. A short-term debt fund is best if it offers higher returns with promised interest rates to the senior citizens. However, these are subjected to market risk, unlike fixed deposits.


The main advantage of cash investment is the preservation of the capital. It is also called as the safest way to invest. Money invested in money market funds or certificates of deposits is covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. This means that the money is protected against loss. Another advantage of cash investment is that it protects the investors from selling their stocks or bonds during emergency conditions. Having cash investment is the best way to overcome unexpected expenses. The investors have immediate access to their money through a simple withdrawal method.


The major disadvantage of cash investment is low returns. As the investment is the safest hence there should be some drawbacks. Investing in cash for the huge amount of money is worthless as your portfolio returns will suffer. So, you must only invest as much money as you want in your hand for expenses.

Investing cash

Cash investing plays a major role in making a good portfolio of investors. There are four choices for investment options:


Cash investments offer a better security option than the other investment option. Cash investments can be easily withdrawn in case of urgent financial requirements. Cash investment is the most suited investment for senior citizens.

Tips For All Senior Travelers

Tips For All Senior Travelers

Aging comes with free time, a sense of what is most important, and wisdom. If there is a time you can enjoy traveling the world, then it is when you have reached 65 years of age. Besides having no or few responsibilities, you also have all the time in the world. The most important things you should consider while traveling as a senior citizen is your personal limitations of strength and health conditions.

The following tips will help you enjoy your travel to the fullest as an old adult.

  • Bring enough, warm clothes

Even if you are travelling to a destination with a relatively hot and dry climate, you should always bring with you enough clothes which you can use to protect yourself from cold in case the weather changes.

  • Avoid getting exhausted

It might be tempting to walk too much as there may of your favorite activities available. However, you should not allow yourself to walk too much because this can make you very tired at the end of the day. Do not hurry. Instead, travel or move at a slow pace. In case you realize that you are having unusual bouts of heartbeat, headache, or dizziness, you should take some rest and contact a doctor immediately for help.

  • Eat a balanced diet

You should maintain healthy habits even as you travel. One way to ensure that you are maintaining good health is to eat healthy foods at all times during your vocation. Like all other tourists, you will get the urge to eat like the locals. While this is a good thing, you should always ensure that the food is healthy and contains all the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs. To be sure, you can consult a doctor for advice on what you should and should not eat. This way, you will be able to enroll for an advantage plan https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org avoid any foods that could be sensitive or bad to your health.

  • Have a good night’s sleep

Sleep is very important for everyone especially older adults. At your age, you need to sleep for about 7 to 8 hours every night. To ensure that you are having good sleep, choose a good hotel which offers quiet and comfortable environment.

  • Purchase travel insurance early enough

Travel insurance is imperative especially for senior travelers because they are more prone to injuries and illnesses. Buy travel insurance before going on a trip for you to protect your money in case you fall ill or anything happens during your trip.

How much you should invest in the stock market if you’re a senior?

How much you should invest in the stock market if you’re a senior?

Financial experts often advise senior citizens to invest mainly in stock markets that could fund their life after retirement. Savings account and other cash investments offer low returns as compared to stock market. The stock market offers investors a golden opportunity to grow their cash holdings at a higher rate than the pace of inflation. However, the stock market is volatile and can take years or even decades to recover from the losses. So, sometimes seniors are forced to withdraw their savings when the stock prices get down significantly. It is a difficult task to make decisions on the amount you want to invest in the stock market and there is no strategy that works for everyone.

Increased longevity

As life expectancies have been increasing, senior citizens have been relying on stock markets to provide adequate income that can help them in the remaining years after retirement. It is advised to seniors to use the rule of 100 i.e., subtract your age from 100. This would give you an idea of how much you should invest for the remaining years. Don’t go aggressive as the losses may impact your future goals.

Search for an alternative investment plan

Stock market investment is uncertain whether it will benefit you or loss. Some experts prefer savings account and certificate of deposit over the stock market despite the low-interest rate due to this uncertainty.  So, it is advised to senior citizen to make large savings accounts before retirement. If your income sources after retirement provide you with enough fund to live an easy life then investing in the stock market is purely optional. It is good to avoid risk in later part of your life. If you want to earn extra income then keep aside a part of your cash that would help you in daily chores and invest the rest.

Delay retirement

It is advised to work longer to collect enough money for retirement. Working longer and saving more adds to the security of your retirement. If you have retired then you can look for part-time jobs. There are many platforms that provide jobs with a good pay scale.


The overall investment in stock markets depends on the income sources of the people and the present financial condition. If your income sources provide you with enough money to live comfortably then investing in the stock market is meaningless unless you want to take the risk for higher returns.

Common mistakes of the senior citizen in investing?

Common mistakes of the senior citizen in investing?

The risk factors are the same for an individual of 65 years of age to 20 years of age. The main difference is that a 20-year-old is investing on a 50+ years’ time frame while the senior investor is looking for a shorter time frame. Senior citizen always prefers low-risk asset to preserve the capital. Here is the list of some of the common mistakes that senior investor does

Investing too conservatively

In the recent few decades, senior citizen is looking up to as a good source of returns. Though financial expert advice senior investors to avoid investing in riskier assets like the stock market and invest in a safer asset like bond and cash. Most seniors prefer to avoid risk after retirement and allocated their sum to safe investments like fixed income. The yield of low-risk assets is not sufficient to meet the requirement of retirement. Senior must be aware of the ramification of what inflation can do to their nest egg if they accept lowest returns. It is advice to senior investors that they should invest a small portion of their sum into the stock market. A prudent allocation of debt and equity during retirement will help you meet your income needs and also protect you from inflation in the long term.

Not being debt free

Senior investors must try to be debt free in the early part of life as a major source of income gets passed on overcoming the debt. This results in lowering the sum of your savings. The higher the interest rates of the debt the longer you have to pay it which put your long-term financial goals at risk.

Not having health insurance

Health should be the major concern of senior investors. Healthcare cost is increasing these days. So, it is necessary to get a health cover before its too late. Health insurance is essential because there is a substantial health risk with advancing age. If you don’t have a health cover than a serious illness in your family can cause a great threat to your financial goals. Senior citizens must buy additional health insurance to meet any health emergency.


These are the most common retirement investment mistakes senior citizens do which should be avoided. It is however advised to make retirement plan at the early stages of your life to make a happy and comfortable in the later part of life.